Antwan Davis

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Artist Bio's

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Coming up in the heart of North Philadelphia, Antwan Davis was born to share his gift of lyricism to the world. Growing up in the city of “Brotherly Love” contributed to his personal style and content of music, but it was family ties that introduced him to quality music, which he would someday be making himself. The first stages of Antwan’s music career stemmed from school. He used his English classes to express himself through words which later turned to rhymes. After completing high school Antwan then went on to pursue a Communications degree at Millersville University. It was there that he teamed up with other artists to form “Tha ESTablishmynt” and created a crew that rivals any other.

Through Tha ESTablishmynt, Antwan Davis has put out what some hip hop critics call a classic mix tape by the title “iTolduSo!.” Several singles off the mix tape have been played on Philadelphia’s most popular radio station 100.3 THE BEAT on their Philly Home Jams segment. He has also appeared on many blogs such as Dot Got It, Hip Hop Since 1987, Music Remedy, Hip Hop Lead, amongst many others and was featured on cultural arts blog Neoteric Bliss.

Antwan has performed at various places along the east coast. He was featured in “The Get Your Buzz Up Industry Showcase,” alongside other artists and was able to be critiqued and judged by industry elites such as Mike Trampe of Hip Hop DX and many others. Since the advancement of his performance at this showcase Antwan has been allotted the opportunity to network with other industry greats.

Antwan is now affiliated with the P3 Movement, which is a group of talented people from Philly coming together as one to advance themselves in their own personal projects. As Antwan continues to grow musically, his audience grows with him as they listen to the talent that streams through the songs that he creates.


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