Ponce De’Leioun

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Artist Bio's

Read all about Ponce De’Leioun and his HipHop career after the jump!

He is a 20 year old college student at Fairmont State University. Ponce is a Wheeling West Virginia Native. He is an Outstanding music artist who has already done a great amount more than any other HipHop artist from the state of West Virginia. Never having an artist break away from this state and gain major national exposure, Ponce is looking to be the first!¬†¬†Ponce has recently released a music video which has gained much exposure on youtube within days, along with “Next To Blow” interviews and “Banger of The Day” song from major HipHop sites like “YoRaps.com”. Approval of success has been given to Ponce after working with major HipHop names like HipHop Legend Tony Touch (who host Ponce’s new Mixtape) and Green Lantern(who placed Ponce on his 2010 Takeover Mixtape).


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